Accommodation booked? Secure your payment.

Now that you’ve found your dream accommodation with an I‑PRAC approved member, the final step towards guaranteeing your payment is to formally register your booking with us.

Why register your booking?

Register Booking

Registering your booking with I‑PRAC is the final step in the process to protect yourself against rental fraud.

Once you have registered your booking, an email will automatically be sent to the property owner or rental agency, outlining your arrival dates and departure dates, personal booking details and the price you have paid. If the owner or agency is aware of this booking, you will receive a final confirmation that your booking is safe and secure. The booking will also be logged in the I‑PRAC website against the I‑PRAC member, so if you experience any issues, you can report your property owner or agency. We will have your booking on file and start an investigation process.

Prior to booking and registering your booking, we advise you to verify that the I‑PRAC member’s phones numbers, email, property addresses, photos and bank account details match the details that have been provided to you by the property owner or agency.

At I‑PRAC, we’re committed to protecting travellers and property owners from the threat of rental fraud.
Chris Maughan
Founder and CEO, I‑PRAC

Register In 3 Steps


Check I‑PRAC credentials

Make sure your property owner or agency is I‑PRAC approved. There should be a logo and unique ID number on their website.


Verify their details

Check the member's details by using the search box on the I‑PRAC homepage and verifying their approved information.


Register booking

Your booking information will be confirmed by email with the property owner or agency, and logged in the I‑PRAC system.


Yes, registering your booking with I‑PRAC is totally free of charge.

I‑PRAC will fully refund clients if a member’s property doesn’t exist or isn’t listed for rental. We also offer full compensation in the event of false or deceiving advertising. However, I‑PRAC insurance does not cover other issues with the property such as theft, vandalism, location, amenities, or anything that falls within subjective appreciation, unless grossly misrepresented by the I‑PRAC member.

We recommend registering your booking as soon as possible so the property owner has a chance to verify it prior to your arrival. However, as long as you register more than two days before your scheduled arrival date, you will be covered by I‑PRAC’s insurance policy.

Once our investigators have established that fraud has occurred, we will action your refund immediately. However, we advise allowing up the three working days for the funds to appear in your account.

Ready to register your booking?

To register a booking and insure your accommodation payment against fraud, simply click the button below and fill out our short form.