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The Global Membership Platform for Certified Short-Term Rental Professionals

I-PRAC is a global verification and accreditation  platform that certifies professional short-term rental agencies and property owners. Our approval certification is recognised by travellers and industry professionals worldwide, and sets our members apart from fraudulent operators.

Rental Agencies & Owners

Showcase Your I-PRAC Verification

I-PRAC has become the leader in holiday rental owner and agency verification; using in-depth approval processes and technology to certify short-term operators as legitimate. Once verified, I-PRAC members are able to inform potential guests of their I-PRAC approval status through their unique I-PRAC Member ID, logo, certificate and profile.

By searching for the member using our ID Search, the holidaymaker or traveller will be able to view a rental agency or owner’s verified credentials and register their booking – safeguarding them from the devastation of a holiday rental scam.

Rental Agencies & Owners

Show Industry Credibility

As an I-PRAC member, you will receive:

  • An official I-PRAC logo to display online
  • A unique I-PRAC ID number for traveller search
  • An I-PRAC profile page to showcase your business
  • An I-PRAC approval certificate
  • Free access to marketing and partnership benefits
  • More reservations and recommendations
  • Peace of mind for you, your agency and clients
  • Give the I-PRAC guarantee to your customers
  • Distinguish your business from fraudsters
  • Encourage direct bookings and maximise revenue
  • Improve your cash flow with upfront payments
The short-term rental industry is changing rapidly, but with an increase in fraud threatening travellers and legitimate rental professionals alike, it’s never been more important for operators to demonstrate their credentials to holidaymakers and business travellers.
Chris Maughan
Founder and CEO, I-PRAC

Book With Confidence

Before booking with an I-PRAC Member, make sure you verify their credentials by:

  • Typing the Member’s ID into our ID Search
  • Verifying the Member’s Profile Credentials
  • Registering Your Booking with I-PRAC

The Member’s ID is displayed on the member’s I-PRAC approved logo, which you will find on their website or property listings. It can also be provided upon request.

‌Since becoming I-PRAC approved, bookings have increased dramatically. I know now that it's trust and confidence that really makes the difference to my guests.
Approved Property Owner
179 Registered Direct Bookings

Guarantee Your Booking

I-PRAC offers a rental fraud guarantee on bookings made with an I-PRAC member. Once you have booked your accommodation with an approved member, simply register your booking through our website and an email will be sent to the member with details of your reservation. If they are aware of the booking, you will receive a final confirmation. In the unlikely event of rental fraud, I-PRAC will personally reimburse 100% of your accommodation payment.


Generate Income & Safeguard the Short-Term Rental Industry

At I-PRAC, we like working with other organisations that are passionate about the short-term rental industry and want to tackle rental fraud.

Our ambassador programme is an opportunity to work with I-PRAC and grow the industry in the right way, while raising awareness of your own brand. Ambassadors can also earn financial rewards for referring new members to I-PRAC.


Help I-PRAC Members Build Successful Rental Businesses

We have a vested interested in helping our members grow their rental businesses. That’s why we partner with other companies that provide useful products and services to rental agencies and property owners.

As an I-PRAC partner, you’ll be connected with an audience of professional rental operators, and we will actively promote your company across all our marketing channels.  

Media & Resource Hub

The I-PRAC Media team work daily on industry matters in order to educate the industry on the growing problem of rental fraud. Take time and discover our resource and media hub, with amazing industry insights, real-life stories, articles, blogs, videos and reports.

We collaborate with media platforms around the globe to bring industry news to the consumer, so we can continue to educate and protect the short-term rental industry.

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