Make It Your Mission To Safeguard The Short Term Rental Industry

If you’re an industry professional, brand or individual who is passionate about tackling rental fraud, becoming an I-PRAC Ambassador is the perfect way to show how much you care.

Becoming an I-PRAC Ambassador has benefitted both myself and my business, all while allowing me to support a fantastic industry that I'm passionate about.

Why Should You Become An I-PRAC Ambassador?

Protect Travellers
Keep people safe from the growing threat of holiday rental fraud
Financial Rewards
Earn £50 every time you successfully refer a new I-PRAC member
Industry Recognition
Boost your business by associating with another recognised brand
Grow The Industry
Help the short-term rental industry move forward in the right way
Show You Care
Demonstrate your commitment to changing the industry for the better
Annual Awards
Enjoy a gala dinner and be recognised by other I-PRAC ambassadors

Our ambassadors play an important role in spreading the word about I-PRAC and rental fraud

So we only feel it’s right to reward them. As an I-PRAC Ambassador, you will receive £50 every time you have successfully referred a new 
I-PRAC member.

Becoming An I-PRAC Ambassador

We take our ambassadors very seriously and only want to work with people who have a genuine desire to protect travellers and take the industry forward. For that reason, we ask for the following information as part of the application process:

  • Name and address of your company
  • The URL of your company’s website
  • Details of your professional experience
  • Why you want to become an I-PRAC ambassador

Once you have been approved and received your unique Ambassador logo, you will gain access to your new referral management system, and can start referring us to rental agencies and property owners who would benefit from becoming I-PRAC members straight away.

About Us

I-PRAC’s mission is to help travellers book rental accommodation with confidence and protect the industry from fraud.

By thoroughly vetting rental agencies and property owners worldwide, we ensure that people can pay for a rental property, safe in the knowledge they’re dealing with professionals.

Referring I-PRAC To New Members

How To Refer

Here are some of the ways you could refer I-PRAC to potential new members:

  • Speak about I-PRAC at industry events
  • Mention I-PRAC in media articles
  • Promote I-PRAC via social media channels
  • Directly recommend I-PRAC to partner agencies/owners

What to say

Here are some of the benefits of I-PRAC membership, which you may wish to mention:

  • Distinguish yourself from fraudulent operators
  • Give travellers the confidence to book directly with you
  • Turn more rental enquiries into reservations
  • Show that you’re serious about tackling rental fraud

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