Industry-leading consultancy and guides, to convert your accreditation to more direct bookings

You have a direct bookings’ tool at your disposal with I-PRAC accreditation – but a tool is only powerful if you know how to use it. Enter, I-PRAC’s industry leading Trust Consultancy Services. We equip hosts with best-in-class guides, expert advice and resources, to ensure their accreditation actually converts to more direct bookings.

Data shows that I-PRAC members who consistently leverage their accreditation increase their conversion rates by an average of 67%. We want this to be the case for all our members. So, we’ve collated teachings from leading experts and created exclusive resources that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

This includes the I-PRAC Members’ Guide, a 19-Step Guide that guarantees more bookings for accredited members, when they follow each step to a T. As well as the globally-anticipated Trustology, the short-term rental industry’s first trust marketing manual that will change the trajectory of any STR brand, when the teachings inside it are implemented correctly.

The Trustology is I-PRAC’s gift to the industry, and includes everything hosts like you need to know (and do) to build a scaleable STR business that continues to attract guests to spend money with you. You’ll learn how to action proven trust marketing strategies, as carried out for years by I-PRAC’s CEO, Chris Maughan – who has built his own short-term rental business worth £70 million from scratch.

This is the first time I-PRAC has poured all the teachings of Chris Maughan, based on his decades worth of experience in one place, as well deep-seated insights about trust psychology, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and what it takes to never have to rely on an OTA (online travel agency) again. All this, and it’s at no cost to hosts.

To be the first to hear about The Trustology’s launch, leave your name on our waiting list, and we’ll even send a bonus gift in your inbox, just for showcasing your interest.

This never-been-seen-before guide has been over 25 years’ in the making; and is undoubtedly, a must-read for anyone who’s serious about growing their short-term rental business.


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(more bookings guaranteed when you follow this guide, step-by-step)


The Trustology is a free trust marketing manual based on the teachings of I-PRAC CEO, Chris Maughan. Learn how Maughan built a STR business from scratch that is now valued at £70 million and works with Disney, MTV, Spotify, Google, X, Netflix, Paramount and more and implement it into your business.

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