Short Term Rental Professionals is an exclusive Clubhouse group providing amazing value to the industry

The group has chosen 20 of the most respected short term rental thought leaders around the globe, who have all committed to be a member of the admin team and moderate rooms across the group, launching rooms with specific topics & special guests.

Check out the 20 chosen thought leaders who will be bringing the value and expertise to the ongoing STR Professionals Clubhouse rooms

Julie George

Julie a true Industry leader and also author of Million Dollar Host, Industry key note speaker and coach for the STR Legends.

Chris Maughan

Chris an industry veteran with over 21 years experience founding the leading Short Term Rental Management Company in Cannes South of France, and also the founder and CEO of I-PRAC, the industries leading trust certification, pioneering trust within the short term rental sector.

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson is the founder of Boostly, and a STR Marketing legend, and an industry coach and keynote speaker.

Andrew Kitchell

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Wheelhouse, a Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management platform servicing thousands of hosts around the globe.

Previously, he was the founder & CEO of Lyric Hospitality & Beyond Pricing, and raised $100mm from investors such as Airbnb, NEA, and FifthWall.

Amiad is a true leader of the STR sector founding GUESTY and leading GUESTY to be the leading PMS company. A true respected leader of the STR sector.

David Jacoby

David is the CEO and CO FOUNDER of Hostfully, a Digital Guide Book and Channel Manager PMS, A true leader of innovation within the STR sector.

Moriya Rockman

Moriya is a STR Leader, founder and CMO of Smiling House Luxury, and award winning pioneer of the industry. Smiling House is the channel of private luxury villas and chalets, managing over 3.000 amazing properties in 29 countries.

Richard Vaughton

Richard is one of the most respected thought leaders within the STR sector, Co Founding YES consulting and an industry advisor to many of the largest and well respected STR brands around the globe.

Phillip Kenard

Philip is co-founder and CEO of Futurestay, the company democratizing connectivity and direct bookings for independent STR hosts. An industry innovator and thought leader.

Kameron Bain

Kameron is the Director of strategy for Beyond Pricing a tech driven Dynamic pricing platform – A thought leader and tech innovator.

Jesse Du Pinto

A true leader of Short Term Rentals as the Co Founder of Front Desk – Understanding how to grow and scale using available industry technology.

Simon Lehmann

Simon is one of the most experienced industry leaders, an industry expert, key note speaker, thought leader, CEO and founder of AJL consulting, and board member and advisor to several leading STR companies around the globe.

Will Slickers

Will Slickers is an industry media legend, The Joe Rogan of Hospitality, an amazing level of industry knowledge and the host of the famous Slick Talk Hospitality Podcast, and founder of the industry destinationaire awards.

Margot Lee Schmorak

Margot Schmorak is CEO and Co-Founder of Hostfully, award-winning software that helps managers make more money and automate their business. Before Hostfully, Margot launched the iPhone Dev Program at Apple and was Head of Marketing at ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV).

Quirin Schwaighofer

Co Founder and CEO of MadeComfy one the most respected Property Management Companies around the Globe, A true leader of the STR Industry.

Carlos Lassen

CEO of EHHA European Holiday Home Association – An industry leader and communications expert in driving change within the STR sector.

Vivi Cahyadi Himmel

The CEO & Co-founder of AltoVita and a thought leader in the global corporate housing sector. She has 12 years of experience in diversified real estate portfolio management and lived in 11 cities, from Jakarta to NYC, Tokyo and London. Outside of AltoVita, she looks for investment opportunities as an angel investor.

Cahyadi Himmel

The CEO & Co-founder of AltoVita and a thought leader in the global corporate housing sector. She has 12 years of experience in diversified real estate portfolio management and lived in 11 cities, from Jakarta to NYC, Tokyo and London. Outside of AltoVita, she looks for investment opportunities as an angel investor.

Annie Holecombe

Over 25 years in hospitality and travel. From Front Desk and Rental Operations to OTA Market and Account Management and Distribution Marketing. Having worked with all parts of the industry makes Annie an asset for her accounts in current role as Director of Revenue Strategy at Lexicon Travel or when consulting through her ALH Consultancy. Helping create one voice to advocate for change and stronger position with OTA’s is one of her passions.

Luca De Giglio

The master and expert in blockchain within Travel, Luca is the driving force behind blockchain within the travel and Short Term Rental Sector, building a community ran OTA, via Crypto Currency, Luca is one of the Short Term Rental leading thought leaders.

Heather Richer

Heather Richer is currently Principal, Richer Logic Consulting and Board Member of the Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO). She served as CMO of RedAwning most recently, and prior to that, she served as VP, Revenue and Distribution at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. With a background in the hotel and short-term rental space, Heather has a broad perspective of the lodging industry and experience with revenue management across hotels, resorts, restaurants, and short-term rentals.

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Clubhouse Short Term Rental Professionals

How it Works

20 admin/moderators who lead the new landscape of short term rentals will be running rooms of their choice within the club. As a member of the club you will be notified of all the different rooms.

The leaders are from all over the globe, so variations in time zones. Although all rooms organised by the amazing thought leaders will be available to you.

1 time a month a date will be set where a global room will be created, where all 20 of these amazing industry pioneers will be in the same room. Discussing a set topic, with a Q&A section, where you can ask the leaders any questions on your mind. Bringing value, education & growth.

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