Turn Enquiries into Bookings With I-PRAC For Just £199.50 Per Year…

Guests from all around the world recognise the I-PRAC logo. Provide instant reassurance to potential customers by showing them you are I-PRAC certified. Remember TRUST is a currency showcasing TRUST and PAYMENT GUARANTEES converts those enquiries into BOOKINGS.

Why listing your property on rental platforms isn’t enough

Many property owners believe that listing their properties on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, VRBO, Expedia is enough to convince travellers of their credibility. However, it is possible for fraudulent operators to create fake listings on these platforms and populate them with positive reviews, giving people the impression that they’re legitimate and trustworthy hosts. Travellers are becoming more aware of this, so it’s important that property owners can prove their credentials in other ways. That’s where I-PRAC comes in.

If a traveller sees the I-PRAC logo on your property listing, they will know that you’ve been approved by our team of industry experts following an in-depth verification process. You’ll also be given a unique ID number, which travellers can verify through the I-PRAC website. Becoming I-PRAC approved will give customers peace of mind that your listing is genuine, as well as the confidence to book with you directly and pay upfront, helping your cashflow.

Becoming I-PRAC approved has helped me demonstrate my credibility to clients, leading to an uplift in sales. It’s been an invaluable investment.
Andrew Smalling

Private Property Owner Spain

Why should you join I-PRAC?

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Boost your credibility
Show clients you’re a legitimate owner
Turn enquiries into sales
Convince customers to book with you
A single annual fee
Be approved for just over £1 a day
Protect yourself from fraud
Stop fraudsters targeting your property
Positive action
Show your commitment to fight rental fraud
Quicker payments
Improve your cashflow with upfront payments

Be part of the I-PRAC community preventing rental fraud

Rental fraud is a growing problem worldwide, with unsuspecting holidaymakers and business travellers being conned out of millions of pounds every year. Give customers the peace of mind that you’re a legitimate provider by becoming I-PRAC approved – and join us in the global fight against rental fraud.

Current Discount Fee of £199.50

Annual Membership

What does an I-PRAC membership get you?

  • Your own public membership profile on the I-PRAC website
  • An official I-PRAC logo to display on your website
  • A unique I-PRAC ID number for customer search
  • A membership area with marketing toolkit
  • Guest reviews from I-PRAC registered bookings
  • Peace of mind and guarantee for your clients
  • More reservations and recommendations
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To help us carry out our checks and review your I-PRAC application, we require the following documents:

  • Copy of passport – for all owners if property is joint-owned
  • Certificate of incorporation if your property is owned by a company that you own, e.g. Kbis (France) or Companies House (UK)
  • Proof of property ownership, e.g. land registry document
  • Copy of bank details that you use to accept client payments
  • A recent utility bill for the property, showing you or one of the registered owners as the owner

Subject to the provision of all necessary documents, we should be able to approve you as an I-PRAC member within three weeks of application.

This number is inserted into the I-PRAC logo displayed on your website and all marketing collateral. Travellers can use it to check that your property is I-PRAC approved.  


Anyone renting an I-PRAC approved property has to register their booking through the I-PRAC website. This will send a confirmation email to the owner and the client. If the owner doesn’t recognise the booking, we will inform the client and refund them 100% of their booking fee. For wire transfer payments, clients are also encouraged to check that the last five digits of the owner’s bank account match those listed on their I-PRAC profile page.


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If you would like to talk to us about becoming I‑PRAC approved or have any questions relating to I-PRAC memberships, our Approval Management team would be delighted to help. Simply complete this form and we’ll call you back at a convenient time. Remember becoming I-PRAC approved helps to increase your rental income and showcase your professional credentials to potential clients.

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