Building Success Through Meaningful Partnerships

Our partnership management team is constantly looking for companies that could offer additional benefits to I-PRAC approved property owners and agencies.

Whether you are a channel manager, booking platform or tech service, by becoming an I-PRAC approved partner you can introduce your brand to rental agencies and property owners across the world.

At I-PRAC, we know how vital it is to constantly be adding value to our approved members. That's why our partners programme ensures our members are exposed to only the most valuable services possible.
Chris Maughan

Founder and CEO, I-PRAC

Why Become An I-PRAC Partner?

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By completing our rigorous verification process, I-PRAC members have distinguished themselves as credible rental operators with a genuine passion for the industry. Because of this, they are always open to hearing about products and services that could help them grow their business.

As an I-PRAC partner, you’ll feel the benefit of service exclusivity – we won’t partner with another company offering the same service as you. We will also actively promote your company via social media and other communications with I-PRAC members, who will be able to contact you directly using our unique contact forms below.

What Makes A Good Partnership?

I-PRAC is very selective about the companies it partners with. Not only do our partners provide a service that delivers real value to our members; they also share the same passion for protecting travellers, and the industry as a whole, from rental fraud.

A partnership with I-PRAC is far more than adding a logo to your website. It is a commitment to talking about each other’s brand in the media and actively recommending each other’s services to short-term rental industry professionals.

Join Our Growing List Of Approved Partners

Rentals United

The premier channel management software for professional short-term rental managers, providing premium connections to 60+ channels, as well as 100+ technology providers.


The leading free marketing and advice platform for global holiday rental hosts and managers.

Your Logo Here

Ready to become an I-PRAC Approved Partner? Our partnership application for is quick and simple, so why not get started today?


Preventing noise pollution with innovative technology for property owners and agencies worldwide.

Travel Nest

Maximising the visibility and quality of holiday property listings through a unique multi-channel platform.


Helping property owners and agencies find a wealth of products and services necessary for running an effective and efficient short-term or vacation rental operation.

Luggage Hero

A luggage storage service with an extensive network of luggage storage sites located inside local retail shops, cafés and hotels.

Short Stay Show

An event that gives industry professionals the ability to network, inform and grow their businesses as part of a community of property owners, managers and investors.


A digital agency specialising in holiday homes; helping property owners, managers and agents better present their offering and grow their business.

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Introduce your business and its benefits to our growing membership of professional property owners and rental agencies, wherever you are in the world.

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