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At I-PRAC, we’re dedicated to bringing an end to holiday rental fraud and ensuring cases across the world are reported on.

We understand the emotional and financial impact that fraud can have on you and your family. By reporting fraud to I-PRAC, you will benefit from an experienced team who are able to provide you with advice and guidance with complete discretion.

You're Not Alone

Fraudsters are using ever more sophisticated methods to scam travellers out of thousands – leaving them confused and often scared about the next steps.

Since 2016, I-PRAC has received over 2,800 reports of rental fraud from holidaymakers and travellers across 18+ countries, including: France, Spain and more. Our team has helped many individuals and families manage their experience with fraud, by providing information on immediate action right through to supporting with reporting their experience to country officials and authorities.

Heat map representative of rental fraud cases reported in each country

Report Fraud with I-PRAC

You can report your experience of holiday rental fraud to I-PRAC at any time using our contact form linked below. Reporting with us is quick and simple, and once done, you will be contacted by a representative of our fraud team who will speak with you to determine your next steps and provide you with expert support.

We truly understand the impact that fraud can have, that’s why we are passionate about spreading awareness to educate the industry, and supporting those that are victims of this terrible crime – no matter where in the world you are.

Amount lost to holiday booking fraud in 2018
(Source: Action Fraud)
Number of UK travellers who fell victim to travel-related fraud in 2018
(Source: Action Fraud)
Average amount lost by UK travellers affected by travel-related fraud in 2018
(Source: Action Fraud)
Percentage of cases related to the sale of holiday accommodation in 2018
(Source: Action Fraud)
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