WHY is I-PRAC the leading direct booking conversion tool ? I-PRAC studies over the last 2 years have proven that 78% of consumers who find and engage with short term rental owners and agents directly do not have the confidence to complete the reservation and proceed to payment, leaving short term rental operators with a very low conversion rate, and high marketing costs.

I-PRAC approval as a recognized industry certification is not only a logo of trust and confidence, the approval status of I-PRAC membership provides each member with a live unique profile which allows consumer to trace the certification back to the member, and then register their booking and guarantee their rental payments to that I-PRAC member they have booked with…

Check Out a members profile here : https://www.i-prac.com/member/ip18-15579/

The I-PRAC platform is an industry first and is very well respected by consumers and I-PRAC’s 45000 members around the globe across 28 countries.

Since the launch of I-PRAC in 2016 and the fast growth of membership, I-PRAC is certainly leading the way in host and provider verification & accreditation, and industry experts and industry leaders are also voting I-PRAC approval as the leading industry enquiry conversion tool, due to the TRUST and CONFIDENCE and PAYMENT GUARANTEE I-PRAC approval provides potential guests.


Since the global rise of short term rentals, its become apparent that barrier to entry is non existent, which is causing serious damage to the Short Term Rental Industry, As leaders come together around the globe to discuss options to create more trust and confidence to consumers, Its clear to many and the rising membership of I-PRAC that serious verification is the sole comfort to consumers who are looking to book and engage in holiday rental transactions with complete confidence..

As a short term rental operator it is vital that you understand the metrics and phycology of consumer trust, as so many operators say ” We are trustworthy” which is probably true however a guest who does not know you or ever stayed in your property or used your agency, its very difficult for a potential guest to believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. ¬†Therefore changing the mindset to ” Its not about what I think, let me provide what consumers are actually looking for to book my property”

Remember you only need to provide your services once to provide your guest the TRUST they need to become a long term client, however getting that one time opportunity to showcase your credibility is becoming more difficult as consumer trust within the Short Term Rental Industry is been impacted on a daily basis. This is why thousands of owners and agents are turning to I-PRAC to provide potential guests that bridge of confidence to book with them directly.

There is no better time to look at investing in your “BRANDS” trust and confidence and I-PRAC is at your finger tips to be able to showcase trust and confidence, and provide payment guarantees to your guests, so its time to put what you believe is whats required to one side and listen to what consumers are looking for to book directly with you…www.i-prac.com