When searching for holiday or business accommodation, you might spot an ‘I-PRAC Approved’ logo on a property listing or rental agency’s website.

This means the rental agency or property owner is a member of I-PRAC – the International Property Rental Approval Certification.

What is I-PRAC?

I-PRAC is a verification service designed to vet property owners and rental agencies worldwide, protecting holidaymakers and business travellers from accommodation fraud.

Booking with an I-PRAC member gives travellers the peace of mind that they’re dealing with a legitimate operator, while insuring their payment against frauds and scams.

Is My Accommodation I-PRAC Approved?

Here’s how to check that your rental accommodation is I-PRAC approved:

1. Check for an ‘I-PRAC Approved’ logo on the online property listing or rental agency website.

2. Make note of the owner or agency’s unique I-PRAC ID. This should be in the format of ‘IP12-34567’.

3. Visit the I-PRAC website and enter the member’s unique ID into the search bar. Make sure you don’t click on a link to the I-PRAC website; always access the site directly by typing in the URL www.i-prac.com.

4. If the property owner or rental agency is an I-PRAC member, you should be directed to their I-PRAC profile page.

5. Check that the names of the property owner(s) or rental agency are the same as those you have been communicating with via email or phone.

6. Check that the property or agency address matches the property address you have been provided or the registered address on the agency’s website.

7. Check that the email used to communicate with you is the same email verified on the I-PRAC profile.

8. Check the photos and description of the property on the I-PRAC profile are the same photos and description you have found online or have been provided with by the property owner or agency.

9. Check the bank account information you have been provided. The last 5 digits of the bank account must match those listed on the I-PRAC profile, as must the BIC/SWIFT number. Under no circumstances should you make payment to an alternative account as this will invalidate your payment protection guarantee. If you are asked to pay a different account, please report this to I-PRAC.

10. Always ask a member to provide you with a rental contract and invoice; it is vital that you have a contractual document with anyone who offers rental accommodation. This document should always include the name of the owner, the address of the property, the dates of arrival and departure, the check-in and check-out times, and a detailed description of the property including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and facilities.

Help us fight fraud

If you can’t find a property on I-PRAC’s website, or a member’s details don’t match up with the owner of the advertised property, please let us know straight away so we can investigate.