When searching for holiday or business accommodation, you might spot an ‘I-PRAC Approved’ logo on a property listing or rental agency’s website.

This means the rental agency or property owner is a member of I-PRAC – the International Property Rental Approval Certification.    

What is I-PRAC?

I-PRAC is a verification service designed to vet property owners and rental agencies worldwide, protecting holidaymakers and business travellers from accommodation fraud.

Booking with an I-PRAC member gives travellers the peace of mind that they’re dealing with a legitimate operator, while insuring their payment against frauds and scams.   

Is My Accommodation I-PRAC Approved?

Here’s how to check that your rental accommodation is I-PRAC approved:

1. Check for an ‘I-PRAC Approved’ logo on the online property listing or rental agency website.

2. Make note of the owner’s unique I-PRAC ID. This should be in the format of ‘IP12-34567’.

3. Visit www.i-prac.com and enter the member’s unique ID into the search bar.

4. If the property owner is an I-PRAC member, you should be directed to their I-PRAC profile page.

5. Check that their details match up with the owner of the advertised property.

Help us fight fraud

If you can’t find a property on I-PRAC’s website, or a member’s details don’t match up with the owner of the advertised property,  please let us know straight away so we can investigate.