A new era emerges in the short-term rental industry, as Orana Stay becomes the first and only digital guidebook company to partner with I-PRAC. Hosts who sign up for a guidebook with Orana Stay can now claim two years’ I-PRAC membership for the price of one, and a done-for-you ‘trust section’ in the guidebook itself (approved by I-PRAC) – a feature that cannot be found with any other competitor brand.

It’s no secret that the STR landscape is swarming with digital guidebook solutions. So, the question is, how do these brands differentiate themselves – and maximise benefits for both hosts and guests?

Commonly described as a modern alternative to the dusty ring-binders we’re used to seeing at most hotels and short-term rental properties, mobile digital guidebooks allow guests to be just ‘one tap away’ from all the information they need. This reduces the time spent in fishing-through numerous emails, and works particularly well for today’s millennial and Gen Z travellers – many of whom like to operate their personal and business lives from their phone device. 

While we’re seeing impressive technological development in the digital guidebook sector, the problem is, the vast majority of these brands factor-in all the important details, apart from guest protection and peace of mind. This means, even though digital guidebooks are doing a good job of keeping travellers in-the-loop about their stay, they’ve been failing to bridge the ‘trust gap’ between hosts and guests; and as a result, are creating a breeding ground for guest uncertainty.

But I-PRAC’s newest partnership announcement with Orana Stay is set to fix this growing issue. As of now, STR hosts who sign-up for a digital guidebook with Orana Stay will automatically be entitled to two years’ I-PRAC accreditation for the price of one, and a free ‘trust section’ in their guidebook which I-PRAC’s content team will have helped them with. 

This trust section will include the hosts’ I-PRAC certification, unique membership ID, and the guests’ registered booking certificate – which guarantees 100% compensation if, on the unlikely occasion, something goes wrong with their stay.

I-PRAC’s team, who’ve been safeguarding the short-term rental industry for several years, have found that a trust section in a digital guidebook (with all the I-PRAC Approved ‘trust signals’) can increase repeat bookings, excellent reviews, referrals and recommendations and decrease the chances of cancellations by a whopping 83%. The company is the only verification and membership platform in the short-term rental industry, as well as a leading consultant and educator in trust marketing and trust psychology – proven pillars of more direct bookings and STR growth.

Managing Director of I-PRAC, Neely Khan says:

‘Partnering with Orana Stay was a decision that was well thought-through, yet easy to make. We’ve been following their work for a couple of years, and found Orana Stay’s brand values very much align with I-PRAC’s  – which has always been the most important deciding factor for us. Orana Stay’s team, Karen Graham in particular, was heavily involved with the makings of our popular Trust Trilogy series; and they’ve showcased over and over again how they prioritise the peace of mind and protection of legitimate STR hosts and guests. What impressed us most about Orana Stay’s digital guidebooks is that they’re fully customisable. Meaning, hosts can truly make their guidebooks their own and aren’t restricted in any way  – be it related to design, content, or even choice of language. Given the team’s impressive grasp of the tech side of things, we’ll also be looking to include even more collaborative integrations in the future, so, Orana Stay’s clients can easily become I-PRAC accredited and get on with delighting and retaining more of their guests. The team and I are super excited to see how this partnership develops; if I’m honest, Orana Stay was already the leading digital guidebook solution in the industry – but now with this partnership, the brand offers even more of an edge that literally cannot be found anywhere else. I can say this with confidence because I-PRAC hasn’t partnered with any other digital guidebook companies’. 

Orana Stay’s digital guidebooks include upsells, auto recommendations for nearby restaurants, attractions and events, and come with AI-driven translations in 106 languages. Hosts can choose from a range of different designs, as well as request additions and modifications (with fonts, brand colours and photos) – which most competitive brands don’t offer at present.


Hosts are encouraged to sign-up for a digital guidebook with Orana Stay, after which they’ll receive a payment waiver code (exclusive to Orana Stay clients), which will grant them two years’ I-PRAC accreditation for the price of one. Approval is based on the results of every individual application; and all hosts must provide I-PRAC with all the requested information in order to become officially verified.

Upon earning I-PRAC accreditation, hosts will receive I-PRAC’s free 19-Step Members’ Guide, to help them leverage their membership for more direct bookings, as well as other ongoing and exclusive resources. This comes as an addition to the free trust section in the guidebook and the support from I-PRAC’s content team.

For more information about this partnership and working with I-PRAC and Orana Stay, contact:

Neely Khan: [email protected]

Karen Graham: [email protected]