We’re delighted to unveil I-PRAC’s brand new website – putting the company at the forefront of the fight against holiday rental fraud.     

At I-PRAC, we’re committed to tackling the growing problem of holiday fraud. We do this by encouraging property owners and rental agencies to become I-PRAC approved, which affirms their credibility in the eyes of holidaymakers and business travellers.

Customers can also ask I-PRAC to check a property they’re looking to rent, giving them the peace of mind that it isn’t actually too good to be true. Our team of experts will liaise with government agencies and carry out a series of checks, and within 48 hours you’ll know if the property is safe to book.

Finally, by registering a booking with an I-PRAC member, your accommodation payment will be fully protected in the unlikely event of fraud.

Easy to navigate and carrying our updated logo, we hope the new site provides everything you need to protect yourself from rental fraud and book with confidence.

If you have any feedback on the new site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.