Prompted by what was first, a casual property management arrangement between co-founders, Quirin Schwaighofer and Sabrina Bethunin, MadeComfy is now Australia’s fastest-growing short-term
rental brand.

With its headquarters in Sydney and successful extended operations in Melbourne and Brisbane, MadeComfy has lead by example in the short-term rental space for nearly five years.

Now, I-PRAC are proud to announce that MadeComfy has been verified for official I-PRAC Approval, giving them an even greater advantage amongst competitors.

Thrilled to have Australia’s biggest short-term rental brand join I-PRAC, Chris Maughan says:

“When a reputable brand like MadeComfy gets on-board with your mission to protect the STR space, you can truly appreciate the monumental impact that you’re making in the industry. For me, I-PRAC has always been about helping others (both operators and travellers) and needless to say, fighting against fraudulent operators and making the short-term rental industry safe again.”

For STR businesses, making the investment with I-PRAC is more than worthwhile, as members are immediately set apart from fraudulent operators, without which, they would struggle to thrive to their full potential. For MadeComfy, consumer trust and confidence is clearly key to building a successful short-term rental business, as they have proved by seeking-out I-PRAC verification.

Find out more by downloading the official press release below.