The holiday accommodation industry is becoming tainted by the ever-growing threat of rental fraud, with more victims being claimed each year.

As a property owner, you may have fallen victim to fraudsters yourself, if they have stolen your legitimate accommodation photos and used them on fake websites. You may have even had holidaymakers turn up at your accommodation thinking they have made a legitimate booking, when in fact they have been ripped off by a con artist. This can have a damaging impact on your business, not to mention the wider industry.

Protect your property with I-PRAC

I-PRAC was established to tackle the growing problem of rental fraud, ease the minds of travellers, and help property owners distinguish themselves from fraudulent providers.

By joining I-PRAC, you can set yourself apart as a legitimate, professional property owner, giving customers the peace of mind they need to book their holiday or business accommodation with you.

I-PRAC works closely with government agencies to conduct a robust and in-depth verification process. This involves a series of checks including identity, property ownership, bank details and property listings on online accommodation platforms.

When approved, property owners receive a personalised I-PRAC logo with unique ID number that they can use on their website and marketing material.

Holidaymakers looking for accommodation can search the I-PRAC database, free of charge, to verify a provider’s identity and bank account details – and book safely using those details.

Investing in your business

Not only does joining I-PRAC help thwart fraudsters and clean up the industry, but it’s also a sound investment in your business. Having I-PRAC approval will help you stand out from the competition and convert more enquiries into bookings.

Membership for private property owners is £399, meaning it will cost you just over £1 a day. Find out more about how to join I-PRAC by visiting our property owners page.