Not so long ago, co-founder of I-PRAC, Chris Maughan posed a question to his credible LinkedIn community. Little did he know that the comments on his post would form an integral introduction for this report.

The question was, (along the lines of):

“Do you, as a traveller, prefer short- term rentals, or conventional hotel accommodation, particularly when travelling alone?”

Regardless of owning a short-term rental agency himself, Chris encouraged his community to be as honest as possible. The responses, although sad, were not that surprising. The majority of industry professionals answered with, “hotel accommodation”; and thoughtfully outlined their reasons why.

The most common reason of all?

Travellers did not trust their short-term rental properties.


This exclusive report by I-PRAC’s lead research journalist, Neely, – delves into the shocking statistics behind rental fraud, and goes into detail about unlocking trust in this fast-paced sector.

In the report below, you will find facts and statistics on the industry that were sourced correctly at the time of research. Please click the button below to download your free copy of this report.