While the world is cosying up for the winter break – and we of course, are advocates of rest and family time – remember, there is no need to take your foot off the trust pedal just yet.

The remarkable thing about investing the money and effort to build a trusted short-term rental brand, is that you can put the foundations in place – then nurture these foundations at a comfortable pace, and reap the long-term benefits of guest loyalty, recommendations, and a solid reputation. (And while sipping on a mulled wine if you wish).

With this in mind, we’re delighted to spotlight three short-term rental brands – from various corners of the world – who have recognised the importance of trust marketing, and are taking the necessary steps to implement it.

These brands are our newest I-PRAC members; and we are certain that given the right strategies and consistency, they will rejoice in more direct bookings in 2024.

A special thank you to Mark Simpson, Laura Powner, and the team at Boostly – I-PRAC’s appearance at their first virtual Direct Bookings’ Summit has helped us connect with these forward-thinking brands.


Amari Villa, Greece 

Co-founders of this luxury villa in the heart of Kefalonia – Dina and Harshad are dedicated to providing only the most exceptional standards of hospitality to their guests.

The team’s five-bedroom villa includes a private pool and the most stunning views of the Ionian Sea. Now that Amari Villa is I-PRAC verified, guests have no reason to feel even the slightest bit unsure when booking accommodation in this part of the island.

Dina and Harshad are the epitome of proactive I-PRAC members, as from the moment they’ve been verified, they have been taking all the adequate steps to ensure that they are leveraging their accreditation as best as possible.

The founders took the initiative to reach out to our Managing Director, Neely Khan for advice about the copy on their Trust Page (that we at I-PRAC, so strongly recommend!). Neely, who is also a professional writer in the STR space – directed Dina and Harshad to some existing examples, and the duo launched the brand-new page on their website within two days!

Amari Villa’s Trust Page does an excellent job of addressing guest uncertainties, and even includes a link for website visitors to download their official I-PRAC verified certificate (a very nice touch). We love the way the founders have broken down the copy into easy-to-digest sections – and included a clear CTA button at the bottom of the page to convert that earned trust into revenue.

Also, added kudos to Dina and Harshad for positioning their official I-PRAC Approved logo at the top of their website homepage. Now all we need is a headline to solidify this trust guarantee, and serve as the ultimate piece de resistance.

All-round, an excellent start by Amari Villa – you can view the Trust Page on their website for further inspiration, here.


Just for You Holiday Homes, Isle of Wight

Those who wish to holiday across the classic, English coast will be delighted to know that Just for You Holiday Homes (in the Isle of Wight) has recently been I-PRAC Approved as well.

This brand certainly needs little guidance where quality, design, and brand aesthetics are concerned – as their website alone is a work of art, with stunning photography and the perfect amount of white space.

Most impressively, this gorgeous short-term rental brand has now also recognised the importance of having a trust guarantee – and how this must go hand-in-hand with style and beautiful properties.

Once the brand add a Trust Page onto their current spick-and-span website, we truly feel it’ll serve as the cherry on the cake, and generate the direct bookings that may have been left on the table, without I-PRAC verification.

Our personal theory is that because Just for You Holiday Homes also cater for guests looking for pet-friendly accommodation, the need to trust them is even higher (did you know, according to Statista, over 56% of dog owners say they will enjoy their holiday more, if they know their furry friends are going to be happy and well taken care of?).

Do have a peruse of Just for You Holiday Home’s direct bookings’ website here – their Instagram page is also a feast for the eyes!


Ironclad Hospitality, Vermont

Branded as the ‘ultimate Vermont getaway’ – Ironclad Hospitality brings guests a cool Rutland home, surrounded by natural beauty and activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our US-based friends have recently joined the I-PRAC community and we cannot wait to read their spin on a Trust Page for their website; because their existing website is brilliant – and totally speaks with the guests in mind. (Far more use of the word ‘you’ than ‘we’).

We think, as Ironclad Hospitality begins to leverage their I-PRAC verification with trust marketing, they will stand out among competitors even more – as writing content is clearly something they’re very good at.

Do have a read of their property description on their main website here, as it’s an excellent example of experience-led storytelling. The 3D tour on their website is another great way of solidifying trust among guests – so, with the addition of that all-important Trust Page and a clear positioning of their official I-PRAC Approved logo, we expect lots more adventurers to be booking directly with them.

Remember, guests who book with our wonderful I-PRAC verified members, can register their bookings directly onto the I-PRAC website (using the host’s unique membership ID) to be fully compensated in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

If you’re a short-term rental property or agency owner and are keen to raise your direct booking game like the member’s spotlighted in this piece, then send an email to [email protected] or visit our website: www.i-prac.com – to start the application process.


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