Experienced rental agency owner, Chris Maughan, launches global rental property approval certification to help holidaymakers and business travellers rent property without risk of rental fraud.

Chris Maughan, Founder & CEO of I-PRAC, has been renting out short-stay properties abroad for over 20 years, working with major brands like Google, Twitter, Fox and Disney. He established I-PRAC (International Property Rental Approval Certification) in 2016 after a distraught family visited his rental agency offices in Cannes. When told by this family that they had lost £15,000 after their holiday rental turned out to be fake, Chris decided it was his duty to help not only this family, but all holidaymakers and businesses that lose significant, life-changing amounts of money to rental fraud.

Introducing I-PRAC

I-PRAC is a global verification platform that carries out a rigorous assessment on property owners and rental agencies who offer short-term holiday and business rentals

All I-PRAC members are thoroughly vetted by its team of experts, who conduct checks on everything from identity and property ownership to bank details and online listings. This gives travellers the peace of mind that they’re dealing with legitimate accommodation providers, while helping property owners and agencies distinguish themselves from potential fraudsters.

Once a property owner or rental agency has passed I-PRAC’s approval process, they are given a unique ‘I-PRAC Approved’ logo, which can be displayed on their website and added to property photography on online listings. Holidaymakers can then verify the owner or agency’s identity by entering their unique ID number on the I-PRAC website and viewing their official I-PRAC profile. Such is the confidence that I-PRAC has in its platform, anyone booking with an I-PRAC member will be refunded in full and provided alternative accommodation in the unlikely event that an I-PRAC member is dishonest in any way.

Find out more about Chris and the launch of I-PRAC’s global verification platform by downloading our press release below.