According to figures released in May 2019, a little over £7 million was lost to holiday-related fraud in 2018, with 25% of the 5,000+ reported cases linked to the sale of accommodation. This marked an increase on 2017, when 4,382 UK travellers lost £6.7 million to fraudsters.

With further research from I-PRAC revealing that 55% of people wouldn’t report holiday rental fraud if they were a victim, it’s evident that the problem is not only growing on a yearly basis; it’s also a far bigger problem than is being reported.

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At I-PRAC, we believe the only way to fully protect yourself against fraud is to book accommodation through an I-PRAC approved private owner or rental agency. However, while I-PRAC membership is growing at a rapid rate, we are fully aware that there are many legitimate operators around the globe who are not yet I-PRAC members.

Our aim is to help consumers take all the necessary precautions when booking the perfect property for their family holiday, weekend getaway or last-minute business trip. The advice available in the guide below should ensure that, when booking with an owner or agency who isn’t I-PRAC approved, you have at least carried out your own robust due diligence to protect yourself as best you can. Click below to receive your free Property Check Guide, and visit our Free Property Check page for more information.