In a bid to transform the STR landscape and support the thousands of operators within it, I-PRAC have now approved a generous investment of £1 million into the sector, via I-PRAC’s leading verification platform.

The £1 million investment will be used for 2,500 I-PRAC memberships, for the duration of 12 months. This generous offer will give businesses the opportunity to recover after the pandemic; “test” the consumer market, and focus on building sustainable, direct bookings businesses, without any financial commitment.

Property owners and rental managers are under no obligation to continue with their memberships after their free 12 months; but will be able to renew their memberships at market rate, should they wish.

This one-of-a-kind offer is also being rolled out to industry partners (i.e service providers) who have their own communities of agents and property owners, who will benefit from I-PRAC’s initiative. These partners can get in touch with I-PRAC to “lead the change” and allocate free memberships across their communities.

Existing I-PRAC members will reap the benefits of this incredible offer too. They will be able to renew their memberships for free, for their next 12 months (when renewal is due); and continue to see their direct bookings rise.

As a recognised industry-leading brand, I-PRAC is determined to fulfil their duty of supporting as many short-term rental businesses as possible.


Chris Maughan, CEO of I-PRAC said:

“My message to STR businesses far and wide, is to come and join I-PRAC for free. It is our gift to you and the entire sector. Taking advantage of this offer will be the best decision you make all year.”

Many short-term rental operators are yet to understand the phenomenal value of I-PRAC approval; and are losing out to the thousands who have already invested in I-PRAC membership because of this. However, I-PRAC’s incredible initiative is now giving operators the opportunity to join I-PRAC for free for an entire year; and experience the numerous benefits, first-hand.

Offer details

I-PRAC will open up its global verification platform for property owners and property managers to join for free as of May 1st, 2020. The free membership will last the duration of 12 months, and will give owners and managers the opportunity to recover and focus on building sustainable bookings businesses, without financial commitment.

This one-of-a-kind offer can be rolled-out to a community of agents and property owners, who will benefit from I-PRAC’s initiative, and those that do sign-up are under no obligation to renew for a further 12 months following their free membership period.

Get in touch with I-PRAC

You can contact I-PRAC for your free membership code by filling out a form on our Contact page. Alternatively you can get in contact with the team to discuss the free membership code via email at [email protected] or by calling +44 (0)2071 125 142.

Read the full press release by clicking the download button below, or if you’re a Partner and require further information on how to help your members / network to benefit from I-PRAC membership – visit our Partner Support Pack page and download our resource for you and your team.