This report includes data from I-PRAC that was exclusively supplied to ITV News for their special report on Villa Fraud, in June 2019.

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Rental Fraud Awareness

Conducted by I-PRAC

I-PRAC conducted a survey in Cannes in 2016, in which 100 respondents (including holidaymakers, travellers, local residents and businesses) were asked a selection of questions about holiday rental fraud, to gauge the awareness of this global issue that is impacting the holiday and short-term rental industries.

Incidents of Rental Fraud

Reported to I-PRAC

As of June 2019, over 2845 incidents of holiday rental fraud have been reported to I-PRAC in 18+ countries since 2017, including in popular holiday destinations such as Spain and France.

Our data highlights the growing problem of holiday rental fraud globally, and showcases the very real need for improved regulation and verification of property owners and agencies. Implementing such verification processes within the industry will help to combat the issue, and will enable improved trust between travellers and property owners or agencies alike.

About this report:

In this insightful report, we give access to the shocking statistics relating to holiday villa fraud and rental scams, including:

  • Rental Fraud Awareness Statistics
  • Rental Fraud Incident Reports: By Country
  • Reported Incidents: Spain
  • Reported Incidents: France

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