Its no secret that corporate companies who are looking to book accommodation for their teams, have a difficult time trusting in Short Term Rental Companies they don’t know, and more often than not return to their comfort of the Hotel Network.

Since the launch of I-PRAC and the growth of approved and certified short term rental providers, more corporate companies have signed NSA ( Nominated Supplier Agreement ) with I-PRAC members due to the bridge of trust created, the payment guarantees provided and the piece of mind thats required.

Serviced Accommodation for corporate companies is often more affordable than the hotel option due to the size of the properties, and multiple sleeping options, cooking amenities, and location, however non of these aspects come into play if the corporate company does not trust within the operator.

If you are a serviced accommodation provider and looking to break into the corporate market of serviced accommodation, then you need to showcase that you are a professional and a credible and trustworthy operator, and the way to do this in the eyes of a corporate company is NOT through reviews, Its NOT through the quality of your website, Its 100% that you are member of your industry accreditation body….

As corporate companies look to budget accommodation costs they are looking to work with local accommodation providers for clients and also national snd global providers to house their teams,

Many corporate companies outline “ We would love to use serviced apartments although it’s not alwAys that easy as we have internal systems that don’t allow us to pay non approved suppliers, and are now welcoming with open arms the I-PRAC approval status to give them the confidence to book directly.

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