There’s certainly safety in numbers for the Australian short-term rental sector, as pioneering leaders SafeStay and I-PRAC launch their official partnership. The businesses have joined forces in an outstanding effort to increase safety and legitimacy across the Australian STR landscape, with plans to roll out in other countries, in the future.

Whilst initially founded on opposite sides of the globe, the commonality shared between SafeStay and I-PRAC is their goal to make the STR space consistently safe, for both consumers and legitimate operators. Since inception, both businesses have directly addressed the numerous safety and security risks involved in the STR sector; and better yet, have provided practical solutions, resulting in widespread profitability and peace of mind.

Now, the industry leaders are on a collective mission. To make a greater impact on what is arguably, one of the most innovative sectors in the world – via the power of partnership.

Find out more about this partnership by downloading the official press release below.