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Herons Rest Properties Ltd

London, United Kingdom Member since 4 July 2020

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Company Founded 9th July 2019
Company Country United Kingdom
Company Registration Number 12094006
  • Linda ORourke
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Agency Address FAO M J Support & Co, 115 Mare Street, London, E8 4RU, United Kingdom

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Registered Bank Metro Bank
Last 5 digits (IBAN) **********09612
BIC / Swift Code MYMBGB2L

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Agency Bio

WELCOME TO HERONS REST High-Quality Serviced Accommodation

Herons Rest Properties Ltd is a luxury serviced accommodation provider in Staines Upon Thames. We provide a first class affordable stay to corporate travellers and contractors.

Our apartments are a guaranteed home from home feel combining luxurious modern styling, newly fitted kitchens, tassimo coffee machine and free WiFi.

We provide luxurious bathroom amenities to ensure you are always comfortable in our properties.

Within our serviced accommodation you will have a living room, in which you can relax or entertain. Facilities to prepare a meal – should you wish to and a dining table to enjoy your meal.

Hotels do serve a purpose but if you are looking for a feeling of luxury and comfortability – alongside the benefits of a hotel, then Herons Rest Serviced Accommodation will enhance your stay.


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