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Member ID: IP20-96373

Green Star Property

United Kingdom Member since 15 October 2020

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Verified Details
Company Founded 12th October 2017
Company Country United Kingdom
Company Registration Number 578776
  • Maria Rogers
  • Pilar Moreno
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Agency Address Greenstar Apartments, 48 Bell Street, Dundee, DD1 1HF, United Kingdom

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Registered Bank Santander
Last 5 digits (IBAN) **********24848

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Agency Bio

Modern Serviced Apartments right at the heart of Dundee City

Hello and welcome to GreenStar Apartments in Dundee! ​ We are Maria and Pilar, the co-founders of GreenStar Property. We met at a property network event and found we had common goals. We went on to work in a Joint Venture together, which naturally progressed into GreenStar Property.

Originally from London, Maria moved to Scotland in 2013 to begin a healthier and more peaceful life for her family. Scotland’s history, beauty, peacefulness and friendliness means that she never wants to move again!

Pilar is from Colombia and after living in Canada for seven years she moved to Scotland to work as an electrical engineer within the oil industry. After being made redundant, Pilar took the opportunity to move full time into property and hasn’t looked back.

At GreenStar Property we aim to provide the best possible facilities and customer service for our guests. We are a company that manage our own Serviced Accommodation apartments, providing excellent customer service, whilst trying to reduce our carbon footprint and waste. We use eco-friendly, bio-degradable and refillable products wherever possible.

We strive to deliver a comfortable, clean, modern space for our guests to have a relaxed and enjoyable stay. Even though the flats are self-check in, we are always available on the phone to help and guide our customers. We have built a trustworthy and reliable team in Dundee, who are on hand to help guests and facilitate their stay. Spotless, comfortable, and convenient for work colleagues on a conference trip

Communicated with the host by text, and they sent me all the details to check in without them needing to be there-- electric coded door and key box meant also that the six people staying in the flat didn't need to coordinate departures and arrivals as the key could always be waiting safely for them! The flat was impeccably clean and conveniently located for the station and main high streets. All of the beds were comfortable including the sofa bed in the living room.

​Whether travelling to Dundee for work or pleasure, our flats are an excellent choice to enjoy a comfortable stay, right at the heart of Dundee City.

We have ten different apartments, from one to three bedrooms, offering flexibility, and the opportunity to host solo guests, families or groups of up to eight people per apartment. Larger groups can also be accommodated at one of our locations as we have two apartments per floor.

Our apartments are located in the wonderful city of Dundee, next door to Abertay University.

Greenstar Apartments 48 Bell Street Dundee DD1 1HF

Great accommodation in the right location at the right price!


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The Location

Greenstar Apartments, 48 Bell Street, Dundee, DD1 1HF, United Kingdom
We Are
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