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Member ID: IP21-50658

Gotels Serviced Accommodation

Oldmeldrum , United Kingdom Member since 21 January 2021

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Verified Details
Company Founded 15th June 2020
Company Country United Kingdom
Company Registration Number SC664194
  • William Mcbey
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Agency Address 7 Forsyth Drive, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0NW, United Kingdom

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Registered Bank Starling Bank
Last 5 digits (IBAN) **********85645
BIC / Swift Code SRLGGB2L

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PayPal Email [email protected]

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Agency Bio

The Gotel’s Concept Creating the ultimate North East of Scotland travel experience ​

Gotel’s was created to serve the needs of the discerning traveller for work or pleasure

Gotel’s Homes

Every Gotel’s home is hand chosen based on our team’s vast experience of North East of Scotland and the luxury property market. We apply a meticulous set of quality criteria when we add any new property or neighbourhood to our luxury North East of Scotland portfolio. The quality of amenities are of course important but at Gotel’s we focus on the interior look and feel and most importantly how we can provide you with a travel home you feel at home in. It is this combination of luxury and design that enable us to achieve this.

Gotel’s locations

North East of Scotland is undoubtedly one of the World’s most exciting and fascinating areas to visit and spend time in. The area is an exciting cocktail of diverse characteristics and themes and requires an expert eye to ensure that your Gotel’s home is located in North East of Scotland best neighbourhoods. Gotel’s knows North East Scotland!

We live in the North East of Scotland and we love nothing more than sharing the very best of this great area with our guests. We understand that every guest is unique and has different travel tastes and lifestyle priorities. This is why the Gotel’s home portfolio is truly eclectic and offers guests an amazing choice of North East of Scotland luxury and locations. ​

We have a fantastic selection of locations and properties which provide great travel options for families and friends, the business traveller, or those just wanting a long weekend away. No matter why you are travelling to the North East of Scotland your Gotel’s home will always be located in one of the North East of Scotland best and most luxurious neighbourhoods to provide you with the perfect home to enjoy your visit to North East of Scotland.

Gotel’s Service

Service is what brings together all elements of the Gotel’s concept. From the moment you select one our homes we are committed to delivering you the best possible travel experience.

We pride ourselves in the quality and detail of our personal check-ins. We take the time to explain to all of our guests what amenities their home provides as we know how important it is to make you feel at home straight away. We provide exciting and up to date neighbourhood guides, making you aware of local amenities, recommendations and offers.


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The Location

7 Forsyth Drive, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0NW, United Kingdom
We Are
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