Member ID: IP20-67395

Robert Kennedy & Melinda Kennedy

Kirkcudbright, United Kingdom Member since 22 June 2020

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Property Owner Since 19th June 1999
About the Property
Number of Bedrooms 3
Number of Bathrooms 1
Rental Property Address Orroland, Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4QS, United Kingdom

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Registered Bank Royal Bank of Scotland
Last 5 digits (IBAN) **********56200
BIC / Swift Code RBOSGB2L

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Owner Bio

The private drive winds down the hill with mown verges, woodland and farm fields. Beyond, you notice the sea with its impossibly high horizon as the view over to the Lakeland hills and the Isle of Man opens up to be nothing short of breathtaking. Past a little waterfall, then you follow the unicorn's nose and suddenly on your left here's your pretty cottage with dormer windows like friendly eyes welcoming you. Here the view opens out to reveal the wild flower meadow with its ornamental pond and a glimpse of what looks like Rapunzel's tower between trees beyond. These views are yours when you stay at Cutlar's Lodge.

This holiday cottage has great character and its own unique cosiness. Right at the heart of Orroland's landscaped grounds it is ideal for exploring Orroland itself as well as the naturally inspiring region of Dumfries and Galloway.


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